Tips for Saving the Most at Walmart

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Walmart allows shoppers to save money in a variety of ways. They have the lowest prices in many cases, but when customers combine coupons and price matching, they can save a lot of money by shopping at Walmart. However, shoppers must consider each deal carefully.


  1. Avoid shopping at Walmart when a sale that offers rewards or gift cards ends up being better.
  2. Combine the use of price matching and coupons to save the most money.
  3. Read all coupons carefully, sometimes there is no size limitations, which means shoppers can buy a smaller item at less out of pocket cost.
  4. Bring a binder or envelope of all the best coupons to take advantage of great deals, especially in the health and beauty department.
  5. Avoid the self-checkout when purchases contain many coupons. If there is a problem, staff might close the register before the order is complete, which means the customer loses their coupons.
  6. When high-value coupons create a shortage of certain items, find out when Walmart gets their deliveries. Sometimes Walmart can order items too, but it depends on the purchase amount.
  7. Use the matchups to help you make a list of items to look for in stores. Always have a back up plan and extra coupons for other items in case Walmart is out of the items in the matchups.

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