Save Money with Generic Makeup and Men will Never Know the Difference

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It’s tough being a woman sometimes, especially if you’re dating! We keep getting told that boys want this and that, and it seems to change every time a new magazine comes out. First they want this style of eyelashes, and then they want this style of clothes, and if you try to follow these “trusted” sources then you’re soon broke and probably still without a boyfriend!

Let’s be honest here. Does your boyfriend care what makeup brands that you use?  No.  Does he care about the exact products that you use in your hair?  No.  Does he really care about the latest and greatest styles?  Maybe, but if you changed your mind on the style would he still like you? Do you really want to hang around someone like that, much less sleep with them

Your boyfriend wants someone who is more attractive on the inside than on the outside.  He doesn’t particularly care about the specific products that you’re using, because inner beauty is what really matters for the long haul. All this makeup and fashion stuff is just to get your foot in the door. In fact, your makeup should be something that you like, not something you think everyone else likes. Make yourself look and feel good first however you want to do it!

Cheap or Generic Brands

Going your own way also has another bonus. It can save you a lot of money. There are several lower cost alternatives to name brand everything. You might surprise yourself with what’s out there in the “cheap” section these days. Generic products work, often just as well as the name brand does. If you want a little shocker, look up “private label reselling”. That’s when a company allows another one to slap their own label on the same product! Search for the generics and you might find something which is out of this world for a price that isn’t out of this world.

The dollar stores are an excellent alternative for going name brand.  They sell cosmetics for just a dollar, and they offer most of the popular shades and styles.  While shopping at one of the dollar stores might not be considered haute couture, it’s definitely fashionable for your makeup budget.  You can pick up the multipacks of eye shadow, mascara, and lip balm and save a bundle.

Places like Big Lots also provide you with excellent purchasing opportunities.  They will buy huge lots of company overages, selling to the public for a reduced price.  You can often find your favorite name brands without the hassle of the name brand prices.  If you truly need that to look great, then the off brands and the bulk lots are the way to go.  If you find yourself in a Super Big Lots, you can also pick up a week’s worth of groceries.

Another alternative for purchasing your cosmetics on the cheap is by going to Aldi.  Aldi has most of the basic products there, including lotions, shampoos, toothbrushes, and sometimes makeup.  Everything there is sold under the store’s brand, so you are getting it for a severely reduced price.  If the local Aldi doesn’t have what you’re looking for as far as makeup, it has some of the best prices on staples like milk, bread, and cheese.

Natural Cleansers and Makeup

You can also go old-school and figure out the ways that your grandmother and great-grandmother made their beauty products. Vinegar is one of the natural clean-alls, removing grease, dandruff, and oil buildups from your hair.  You might to also try shampooing with baking soda and then rinsing and conditioning with vinegar. Don’t worry, it doesn’t stink if you dilute it correctly. There are lots of women out there using older methods because they want to be more natural. A quick search on the net will give you lots of ideas to try out.

Many men are more fond of the natural look, or the almost natural look.  They find that wearing too much makeup is a turn off, because that makeup has a flavor to it.  Do you really want him to be tasting the powder on your cheek as he kisses you?  Do you really enjoy the taste of your own perfume?  He wants you, not some made up version of you.

You want someone who will last, someone who isn’t concerned with what you look like.  He cares that you are feeling great inside, so instead of investing in the latest and greatest cosmetics or perfumes, the best investment that you can make is in yourself.  You might want to try taking a yoga class, perhaps meditate a little more often, or save that extra money for a romantic getaway with the man you like.  For most men, a smile on your face is the best reward.

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