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Quick and Savvy Tips for Maximum Savings at Target


Knowing the basics for saving money at Target will get you started, but there are many more things you could be doing to save money. If you want to reap the rewards of maximum savings, check out the savvy tips below.

Take advantage of each type of Target store coupon. Make sure you check the website for new coupons weekly and have both Cartwheel and mobile coupons on your phone.

Look for gift card offers in conjunction with all store and manufacturer coupons you have.

Check all of the websites (including Target) you use for coupons weekly and on the first of the month. New coupons are added on Sundays and in many cases on the 1st. In addition, you can reprint many coupons on the first.

Check magazines for coupons. Some offer manufacturer and sometimes store coupons.

Look in the Sunday paper for Target coupons.

Price match items that you need when they are not on sale.

Subscribe to mobile coupons and Target emails to stay on top of the deals.

Use a cashback website when shopping Target.com, and take advantage of online coupons and discount codes.

Get a Target REDcard. You can either get it as a credit or debit card. This knocks 5% off every purchase, and it stacks with all of Targets coupons, offers, and promotions.

Download one (or all) of the cash back apps. You can earn cash back for certain purchases you make. These apps include ibotta, Checkout 51, Endorse, and Jingit.

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