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    1 year, 1 month ago

    I am going to be a’NANNA’.My youngest my daughter is due September 10th.My baby girl is going to have a baby.Im happy,anxious & excited but I am also worried,scared & nervous.I don’t know if it’s normal for me to feel this way or if it’s just me.I don’t dread it or not want her to have it or anything like that.Its actually hard to explain I don’t know exactly what to call it or how to say it without it being taken the wrong way.Like I said I’m happy,excited & even already began buying baby thing’s and my husband has done started on sketching patterns for baby bed and cradles or whatever.So it’s not that we don’t want it it’s more like scared and worried that she(my daughter)doesn’t really understand and know the full extent of just exactly what all goes into,how stressful,how hard and how much literally everything changes when you bring a baby into this world.There’s so many things that can go wrong,so much that can and will happen not only for her but the baby as well.I know she will be great mom but that doesn’t change how hard it is going to be.Am I wrong and bad of me to feel this way

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