Meijer Mperks Program

mperksMeijer mPerks

mPerks is another convenient way to save at Meijer. Consumers simply search and clip digital store and manufacturer coupons from the Meijer website or mobile app. They enter their mPerks number and PIN at the checkout to instantly save on their previously clipped coupons.


It’s Easy to Sign-up!

Click the “Sign Up” button to create a new or add an existing mPerks account. Meijer is diligently trying to convert their customers over to a newer digital account with newer features, enhanced security and the convenience of, mPerks and the Meijer mobile app all with one login. New account members are asked for a 10 digit number and a PIN number. This account is validated by phoning a Meijer associate from the number given. Once signed up, consumers can customize their account information and sign up for email updates which provide exclusive store savings, coupons, contests and sneak peeks to weekly ads. Consumers are also invited to complete surveys to win a $1000 shopping spree, enable digital receipts, add a shipping address and link one credit card to an mPerk account.

joinmperksSign in & Save

Once a customer has a valid 10 digit number and PIN code they can sign in online or via the mobile app and select savings through coupons or rewards. All savings are redeemed at the checkout and the discounts appear on the receipts.


Meijer rewards are special deals that are unlocked when a certain amount of money is spent. Customers can choose as many rewards as they like but only have 4 weeks to redeem them. There are general personalized rewards and the following subcategories:

Pharmacy Rewards

Consumers fill 5 prescriptions and they can choose a reward or they can fill more prescriptions and choose even better rewards. Free prescriptions still qualify for rewards. All rewards expire after one year of account inactivity. Multiple family prescriptions can be used to earn rewards under one account. All clipped rewards expire after 30 days.

Baby Rewards

Customers who spend $100 earn one reward credit. Or, they can choose to spend more and get an even better reward. Clipped baby rewards expire after 60 days and all rewards expire after one year of account inactivity.

Fuel Rewards

Fuel rewards happen sporadically so consumers need to be on the lookout for special offers. Pharmacy rewards can be redeemed at Meijer gas stations.

Once a reward is earned, the customer clicks “Clip Reward” and redeems it before the expiration date.


Coupons are posted throughout the week. Consumers can browse and clip coupons of interest. The new digital mPerks has filters to better organize and filter coupons. Consumers simply select coupons, enter their mPerks number and PIN and get instant savings at the register. A coupon can only be used once and a maximum of 160 coupons can be clipped at one time.

mperkscouponOther features of the new mPerk are digital receipts (saved for up to 2 years!), shopping list apps and total savings records.

Customers can share mPerks coupons with friends on Facebook. mPerks credits cannot be transferred to another account.


Coupon Policy (updated November1, 2013)

Meijer has a coupon policy on their website that was last updated in 2013. Here are the highlights:

  • One manufacturer coupon per item
  • One manufacturer coupon can be combined with one store coupon
  • All digital coupons must be from mPerks (no other smartphone coupons allowed)
  • Transactions are not allowed to be broken up to avoid stacking coupons
  • No separate checkouts will open for large orders
  • Competitor coupons are accepted with some exceptions
  • No overages allowed
  • The store has the right to limit coupon quantities

Meijer does NOT price match competitors.