Make Everything Match To Maximize Your Wardrobe


Make Everything Match To Maximize Your Wardrobe

It can prove to be incredibly expensive to keep up to date with the latest current trends. Seasons come and go very quickly in the fashion industry. The blue floral dress you bought one week is suddenly out of season the next week. So it gets flung to the back of the wardrobe because you will surely never wear that again. And off you go to the stores for the newest fashion item that has currently hit the high street.

Back To basics

It should never be like that. What you need to do is go back to the basics. You only need a few basic items which are of good quality and classic in design.

  • A pair of black pants – suitable for numerous occasions, a romantic dinner, a job interview, or anywhere for smart attire.
  • A black straight skirt – whichever length suits you best, but not too short.
  • Pair of jeans – slim jeans are great whatever they are worn with.
  • Shift dress – a plain block color will always be a good investment.
  • 2 or 3 blouses – different colors and styles.
  • 2 or 3 t-shirts – different colors and styles.
  • Black dress jacket
  • Cardigan

Having these simple basics in your wardrobe will ensure you are always up to date with the latest fashion trends. You will be prepared for any occasion. Having black pants, black skirt and jeans can be matched with any blouse or t-shirt suitable for any occasion, casual or formal. If the weather outside is on the cool side, you have a cardigan for casual wear or a jacket for more formal events.


Coordinating with colors is an important consideration. Black is always a safe basic color which other colors will look good against.  Wearing black pants, a white blouse and black jacket is ideal for that all important job interview or meeting. But swap the black pants with a pair of skinny jeans; still wear the white blouse and black jacket and this creates a more casual look suitable for a lunch date. There is so much variety by mixing and matching these few basics.


Having a few important accessories will also make your basics go further. By just simply swapping a necklace for a scarf makes a big difference to your outfit. Buying new accessories is much cheaper than buying new clothes each time. Add a brooch to the lapel of your jacket or add it a blouse. Scarves are ideal accessories; they come in various lengths, colors and prints which can add instant color to any outfit. There are also a variety of ways to wear scarves too. They can be draped loosely around your neck, or worn as a belt with jeans. Scarves are so versatile and will draw the eye away from the outfit you’re wearing. No-one will notice that you wore the same pants as you did yesterday.

Be creative

Finally, being cost effective with your wardrobe does not have to be dull and drab. It brings out the creative side in you when you mix and match your clothing. You will discover how much fun it can actually be.


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