Little Known Ways to Find Coupons


Once you begin to coupon you will notice that many coupons come and go in cycles. All thatmeans is that there are a high number of coupons that you will see again and again all throughout the year, year after year. Certain companies (e.g. Unilever, Proctor and Gamble, etc.) can be relied upon to issue coupons for their products rather frequently. Because of this, there is a long list of food items and personal care items that will always have a current coupon available. If this is the case, then what can you do to obtain coupons from companies that rarely, if ever, issue coupons online or in the weekly newspaper circulars? Here are a few hints to get you started:

1. Email companies

In just five minutes of your time, a simple email can harvest a continual supply of coupons to your mailbox! Take a few minutes and make a list of all the products your family loves but you hardly ever see coupons for. Then, do a quick search engine search for the product website and send a nice little email thanking them for the product.  Just about every company has a “Contact Us” page on their website where they look for and solicit feedback from consumers. It’s often helpful to include a personal story as to why you like the product. Finally, sit back and wait as in a few weeks chances are they’ll send you a nice little envelope stuffed full of coupons (many times for FREE products)!

HINT: Many times this will put you on a mailing list so that each time they send out a coupon or a promotion, you’ll be the first to receive the savings!

2. Ask customer service

This little known way to find coupons is so obvious that many people overlook it: quite simply, ask customer service at your local grocery store. Many companies issue coupons to grocery stores that oftentimes don’t even make it out to the public. Taking a few minutes the next time you are at the store to ask customer service if there are any coupons available could end up saving you a lot of cash.

HINT: Try to stop by the customer service desk on weekdays during normal work hours. Many times the weekend staff is less knowledgeable about coupons.

3. Google Search

Now that couponing is continually gaining in popularity, even the best websites have a hard time keeping up with the thousands of coupon offers that are seen across the web every week. It never hurts to perform a simple Google Search for a hard-to-find item if it’s not showing up in an online coupon database. This is an area where just a few extra seconds of your time can end up saving your family tons of money!

HINT: The best way to find coupons when using search engines is to keep it simple. A formula to follow is: “(product name) coupon”.

4. Install smart phone apps

Many grocery stores and drug stores offer mobile apps that you can download onto your smart phone to access some great coupons. Time and time again these are coupons that are unique to the app, meaning that you won’t see them online or in print. If you have a phone that can take advantage of these apps, then make sure you download them and check for new coupons before you head to the store.


HINT: Be sure to set the app to automatically notify you when new coupons are issued, if this feature is available.

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