Lifestyle Choices You can Make to Save Money


While there are choices that we make a minute to minute basis, they are some that go a long way with us. They affect not only our bank balances but also our personalities at the end of the road. If you believe in living in an economically smart way, a few decisions will considerably impact your spending habits. These habits will later make you realize how much you benefited from them financially. Following are three important changes that will change your life and your pocket for the better.[ws_ads_post position=”right”]

Eating Habits

With the prices of fast food plummeting and serving sizes growing larger every day, it would seem stupid not to eat out every now and then. However, eating out isn’t as cheap as we perceive it to be. This is because once we get used to dropping by McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts and other fast food chains, we just can’t stop. It becomes a regular habit that costs our pockets more than we speculate.

Unfortunately, it is not just our pockets that pay the price for eating out – our health does too. For example, a documentary made by a health instructor, Supersize Me, over a course of a month illustrated the terrible damage that occurred to his body. His heart entered an almost endangered zone and he went from being a very healthy person to one who needed medical treatment.

Hence, eating out not only bites off huge chunks from your wages, it does the does the same to your health too. The later effect eventually gets translated into health costs. So, altering your eating-out habits is a must. Set goals on how many times a month would you eat out. Experts say that once a month is the maximum your body can manage.


Traveling from home to work and to other important places in one’s own car consumes significant amounts of fuel. Hence, if you cut down on your fuel, you’ll save money considerably. So how do you do that?

For long distances, try using public transportation instead. If that isn’t feasible check out for private transport facilities available or car pool arrangements with neighbors, friends or peers. As far as short distances are concerned, the best solution to that is to travel on foot. We understand that the weather isn’t always very favorable but the effort will seem worth the while if you keep the two advantages of travelling on foot in mind. Firstly, you save fuel costs. Secondly, walking/ jogging twice a week for more than approximately miles means you can quit gym and save money there too.


A major chunk of our wages goes into what actually is entertainment for us. Eating out can be counted in that too if that’s what you and your friends meet over at. Going to the cinema, parks and even for shopping are some of the more expensive ways of entertaining yourself. Sit with a writing pad and note down all the less costly ways of entertainment that come to your mind. Some of them include:

i. One dish party – Call all your friends at your place and ask them to bring a dish along with them. This is a great way to bond and have fun as well.

ii. Movie night – Instead of hitting the cinema, make arrangements at a friend with a relatively bigger screen’s house. You can make pop corn, hot dogs, fries and other mouth stuff you get outside the movie hall.

iii. Card and board games – These are simple addictive. Enough said!

Altering your behavior concerning the areas mentioned above can significantly reduce your spending. Keep a daily record of your spending as a reminder of what remains from your monthly budget to be spent. This way you won’t cross the line.

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