Huggies Rewards Program


How Huggies Rewards Works

The Huggies Rewards program is a quick and easy way to win prizes, earn rewards or donate to babies in need. Simply go to and follow these four steps:

  • huggiesrewardscodeSign up or sign in. Complete the registration process and be sure to confirm your registration via the email sent to your account. If you do not receive a confirmation email, be sure to check your junk and spam folders. New participants earn 50 points just for signing up!
  • Purchase Huggies products.
  • Enter PIN codes to earn points. There are numerous places on the Rewards website where codes can be entered.
  • Redeem points for rewards or donate points to help a baby in need.


What are codes?

Codes are 15 characters long and are found on the inside of participating Huggies products. An offer code is a numerical code entered alongside a rewards code. An offer code provides bonus points.

What are points?

The Huggies Rewards points system has been revised. Points values are now closer to the retail price of each product. In other words, points earned = dollars spent. Huggies products have unique points values that can be determined by checking out the Participating Products Page on the Rewards website. This resource explains which products earn rewards and how many Rewards points those products are worth. Consumers earn roughly 1 point for every dollar spent. Points are non-transferable and have no monetary value.

How Do You Earn Points?

There are four ways to earn points:

  • Buy participating products, locate the codes on the inside of the products and enter the codes online.
  • Participate in featured activities (completing surveys, reading articles). All activities can be completed more than once, but points will be rewarded only for the first time the activity is completed.
  • Refer friends. You can refer up to 5 friends a month and receive a maximum of 375 points for this method of points collection. You earn 5 points per friend.
  • Printed media including flyers and direct mail.

How Do I Redeem Points for Rewards?

The best part about collecting points for months (or years!) is finally earning enough to redeem them! Huggies offers consumers 3 ways in which to spend their points:

  • Play for a chance to win! You can submit entries into sweepstakes or play instant win games.


Consmers can submit unlimited entries into sweepstakes. Winners are randomly selected and chosenwithin days of the contest close date. All winners are notified of their prize via phone, email or mail.

Instant Win

Consumers are instantly notified of their win. An email notification is sent confirming their reward.


  • Choose items out of the Rewards Catalogue. There is free shipping on all items ordered. New items are added and all items are for a limited time only. Selected items can not be refunded. An email confirmation is sent out after an order is placed.




Huggies offers Winnie the Pooh freebies including coloring pages, wallpapers, screensavers and more.

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