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It is said that 99% of websites that offer freelancers work and a good reward for it are fraudulent. That is why many people don’t ever consider freelancing an option. However, it is a very good option if you do get in contact with a legitimate freelance mid man. So how do you do that?[ws_ads_post position=”right”]

i. Ask friends around – For some reason people don’t unnecessarily share the fact that they work part time through freelancing. However, if you ask friends for help, they’ll help. You’ll finally get in touch with someone either from your circle or someone from outside it who will help you find an organization that acts as a platform for the meeting place of freelancers and clients.

ii. Another way is to hunt for freelance businesses on the Web yourself.  One legitimate place that we are sure of is Freelancers create profiles of themselves listing their skill set and experiences. Clients are view these profiles and contact freelancers if they find their credentials impressive.

Following are the services that you can provide from home or any other place as long you have a computer/ laptop and an internet connection.

Content Development

Content development is the least technical area of work among these four options. If you have been a good writer at school, there is no reason why you can’t become a freelance writer. The good part is that you can choose the topics/ areas you wish to write for. For example, if you are a business student, you will be given academic reports, website articles, e-books to work on.

Social Media

Social media is the second least technical skill. Your clients will give you targets to meet on a periodic basis. Targets will include things such as:

  1. Number of fans on a certain page
  2. Frequent posts on the page
  3. Moderation of the comments on the page – answering queries, solving issues and acknowledging suggestions.
  4. Reporting back to the client as to what is happening on the different platforms their brand is being promoted on.

You can handle multiple accounts at one time. Remember, social media freelancing is for those who know about different platforms inside out.

Graphic Designing

Since every business has now realized that it needs to create a touch point for its customers on the internet, thousands of websites are being created every day. Since websites require graphics, graphic designers are in demand. Graphic designing skills vary from person to person. You may be a moderately experienced graphic designer or an expert one. The demand for all sorts of designers exists.

Search Engine Optimization

Once websites are built they are they are optimized in a way that makes them appear higher among search result engines. This optimization is done by SEO experts who know different techniques such as back-linking. If you have a qualification or have self-learned this skill, you can start earning money by working as a freelance SEO expert!

The following areas above are not exhaustive. There are other services too that freelancers deliver such as translation, transcription, online sales, etc on a freelance basis. So you can even enter more than one area at a time.

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