Finding the Best Cruise Deals on a Budget

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Finding the Best Cruise Deals

More and more people are realizing that cruising is one of the most budget-friendly vacation options for families. All meals and much of the onboard entertainment options are included in the price of the fare, and there is something for every member of the family.

Of course, if your vacation budget is limited – and whose isn’t? – then you will need to shop carefully for the best possible cruise deals. Here are some tips to help you save.

Book Early

When you book your cruise has a huge impact on how much money you can save. When cruise lines first publish their schedules for the coming year, they often offer early bird specials on the fares. You might see two for one sales, credits to your ship account and other perks for booking early.

They do this because they want to get a head start of filling those cabins. If you book early keep in mind that things can change. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of the ship’s cancellation policy. Most will allow you to cancel for up to 90 days before the cruise without penalty.

Book Late

Another great time to save on cruise fares is within 90 days of the ship’s sailing. Not everyone can book a trip on such short notice, but if you can then you can save big. Cruise lines make a good portion of their profits from what passengers spend while on board. Once that ship pulls out with empty cabins, those cabins are going to stay empty for the entire cruise.

That is why cruise lines are willing to slash the prices up to as much as 80% in order to make sure those cabins are filled. Check discount vacation sites such That site has a 90-day ticker that offers rock bottom prices on cruises.

Pick an Inside Room

Sure, it would be nice to have a fancy room with a private balcony when on a cruise, but if money is tight book an inside room. Many cruise passengers find that they are only in their rooms to sleep and change. The rest of the time they are taking in the view from one of the decks or enjoying all of the fabulous shipboard amenities.

Don’t blow your budget just to get a fancy room that you will end up spending very little time in.

Compare Different Travel Sites

As is the case when making any major purchase, you should always compare prices to get the best deal. Sometimes the best deals will come directly from the cruise lines, but not always. Call the cruise line for their price, but also check several travel sites to see if you can get a lower price.

A family cruise is a fabulous choice for a vacation. Family-friendly ships have kid’s activities that will give the adults the chance to spend some time together. Also, because many of the expenses while out to sea are included in the fare, budgeting for a cruise is made easier.

Use the tips above to find the lowest possible fare on your next family vacation. You can save thousands of dollars and still enjoy a vacation that is perfect for every member of your family.

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