Finding Just the Right Hat – They Aren’t Just for Fashion Anymore


How surprising to find out hats are all the rage now and how many different styles of hats there are.  Many just assumed that American women were not into hats and that hats for everyday as well as special occasions were mostly worn in Great Britain and Europe.

How do you Measure for a Hat

If you are looking for a hat, you will very quickly learn that hats are unlike any other clothing accessory in that sizes vary greatly from one manufacturer to another.  Even those that sell hats cannot guarantee that following instructions for measuring your head will be of any real assurance of a perfect fit.

Measuring for the size of the head is both a science and an art.  You can use a tape measure or a piece of string that will later have to be held up to a tape measure to determine the length. Place whatever you are using around your head approximately 1/18 of an inch above your ear, crossing the mid-forehead, totally circling the head. You essentially will need to measure the head precisely where the hat will be sitting.  When measurements fall between sizes you are advice to go up to the next largest size.

An alternative method is to try on random hats and when one fits check the size.  Most shops that sell hats will have a chart that converts sizes into small, medium, or large.

Trends in Hat

For Americans who are becoming concerned about skin cancer and the dangers of too much sun, they are turning back to the hat for protection as well as a fashion statement.   According to the Skin Cancer Foundation clothing designers are bringing the hat back to also include styles that have brims that are wide enough to offer face, neck and ears protection from the sun.  And of course those who live where winter is really cold wear hats for warmth.


There are many hats for winter for women – from the Alpine Princess winter hat to the fedoras; floppy hats to beret and beanies; and from Russia the Cossack hat.  All of these come in very different designs, colors and material but most of them are very warm for winter wear.  Some hats that have cotton sweatbands in them will also have a drawstring so that the hat can be made to fit tighter on your head.

Where to Find Hats That are Cheaper

Also remember, hats are not just a fashion statement anymore – they can save your life by protecting you from cancers of the skin.  If you don’t have the money to spend on hats or caps, try looking at secondhand shops and Re-Sell shops because those they do wear hats exchange them every season and send the older ones to re-sell shops.  You can still be in fashion, protecting your face, and do it on budget.  They will be much cheaper at secondhand shops.

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