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What exactly is Ebates (No Called Rakuten)  I want to Signup Free Now

Founded in 1998, Ebates websites have awarded its frugal-minded members upwards of $325 million. Its members enjoy cash back from their purchases at approximately 1,200 online retailers, including Khol’s, Walmart, Amazon, Ebate, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Target, Old Navy, Best Buy & Priceline.

Simply put, Ebates is a percentage back program you can use at your favorite online retailers, allowing you to earn up to 25% Cash Back from your purchases. In addition, the site offers coupon codes and hot deals that you can stack with Cash Back for incredible savings.

You have three options for using the site. Either you can download the Ebates toolbar or app, or you can search for retailers directly from the Ebates website and apply coupon codes and percentage back deals from there.

We’ll discuss the perks of using each a little later. For now, regardless of the option you use, when you’re logged into your account, Ebates will keep track of the items you buy from supported online retailers.

Then, once every quarter (4 times a year), you will have the option of either receiving your cash back via your PayPal account, a check sent to your home or a donation to your favorite charity.

How Do I Sign Up and Get Started Earning?

Getting started is easy and free. First, visit the Ebates website where you will be directed to sign up by entering your email address. It will ask you for no sensitive information to sign up. And, don’t forget to choose your bonus gift card for signing up.

What is swagbucks and how do i earn money


After you’ve entered your email address, you have created an account. This account will allow you to start earning cash back. The easiest way to do this is to download the Ebates toolbar or app.

If you choose to download the toolbar, you can enjoy all of Ebates saving-features directly from your favorite retail websites. And, for added convenience, you can even search for your favorite websites from the toolbar.


When it gives you the opportunity to installing The Button with the toolbar (circled in red above), for ease of use, take it. It will make saving unbelievably easy! To use it, when you visit a supported retail website, just click the activation button on your browser toolbar to begin automatically racking up your savings as you shop.


There are a few things you should know to be able to properly take advantage of this button (circled in pink above). If the Ebates button is outlined in a thin green box, it means that you have already activated it and it is tracking your Cash Back savings.

When the E is surrounded in orange, it means that Cash Back is available for the retail website you’re currently shopping on. In this case, you only have to click on the E button to activate the available Cash Back deal.

And, when you see only the Ebates E and it is not surrounded by orange or green (like shown), it means that you are not required to do anything because the retail website you’re visiting does not support Ebate’s Cash Back program.

Even more convenient, by clicking on the neutral E, you can search for retailers you’re interested in purchasing from to see what current deals they offer through Ebates.

Swagbucks Coupons and codes

Once you’ve typed in the retail website you’re looking for, say Amazon.com, the button will direct you to a list of deals if applicable. You can click on the promo’s “shop now” button and continue shopping to claim it. The following is the list of deals offered when I searched for Amazon:

Swagbucks Cashback

If you would prefer not to download the toolbar, you can also earn Cash Back straight from the Ebates website. But, you must be sure to always initiate your shopping experience from the Ebates website.

Swagbucks.com pick your giftcard


Then, just like with the toolbar, you will be offered a list of deals you can click to redeem. After you click on one, it will direct you to that retailer’s website where you can shop. As you do, Ebates will track your purchases and offer you the specified Cash Back as detailed in the deal you redeemed.

swagbucks choose your deal

How do I Track and Redeem My Earnings?

Tracking your earnings is very simple. From your toolbar button, simply click on the E and it will offer you a search box. Directly above the search box, you will be notified of your earnings and your pending Cash Back. Now, if you make a purchase, keep in mind that it takes a couple of days for it to register in your earnings.

So, don’t panic if it’s not there immediately. And, if you click on either of the buttons, you can view your earnings, your Cash Back checks, where you’ve shopped and the purchases tracked for available deals, and more. You can also manage your Big Fat Checks and track when they’re scheduled to be sent to you.

If you’ve opted out of The Button on your browser toolbar, you can also easily manage your account from your menu icon on the app (I’ll walk you through setting it up a little later) or the Ebates website once you’ve logged into your account.

To access this information from the website, once you’re logged into your account, simply hover over your email address in the top right hand corner. From there, you will be able to choose from a list of account management links including your Cash Back Activity, your Big Fat Payment Settings, and your Account Settings.

How do I use the Ebates App?

First, you must install the app onto your mobile device. For example, to install it on an Android, go to your Google Play store and type in Ebates. Then, click the “install” button and wait for it to install.


Next, click the “Open” button.


From here, you can log-in if you already have an Ebates account or sign up via your email address if you are just getting started.

Then, select the menu in the top left-hand corner to search for qualifying retailers and track your savings. You can also refer other friends using this menu to earn even more. Explore the following infographic for details:


What other ways can I earn from Ebates?

What few seem to know is that shopping isn’t the only way you can earn on Ebates. Here are some other ways you can use Ebates to earn cash.

  • Tell-A-Friend

The Ebates Tell-A-Friend feature allows you to refer a friend to begin saving. But, it’s a win-win! Not only does your friend earn a cash bonus, but you do, too.  When you refer a friend who then makes a qualifying purchase, you will receive a $5 bonus. And, the more friends you refer, the better the bonus gets! If you refer a second friend, you’ll receive an additional $45. Refer a 3rd friend and receive $50. That’s $100 you’ll receive for just referring three friends! To do so, visit your app menu icon or your Ebates online account and select the Refer & Earn $100 tab. Then, follow the instructions to begin earning! Remember that each bonus is contingent on your friend making a qualifying purchase using Ebates.com.

  • Use your Credit Card

Ebates offers an exclusive Ebates Cash Back Platinum or Signature Visa® Credit Card which allows you to save an additional 1% to 3% on all qualifying purchases.

For example, if you use the card to purchase qualifying items from a retailer that is offering Cash Back through Ebates on the item you purchased, you will receive an additional 3% cash back. For all other qualifying purchases, you will receive 1% cash back. And, remember, these savings are on top of the savings offered through your selected retailer. Check out these terms for more details on qualifying purchases and exclusions.

Final Thoughts –

There are many savings sites out there. The gem found in this one is the ability to stack deals and Cash Back for unbelievable savings and then receive a check each quarter in the mail, no strings attached. It is the one place you can go to find online savings without all the leg work rendering your efforts not worth it!

How do they do it? Ebates explains that stores that are featured on the site (and there are thousands) offer Ebates a fee for their place on the site; then, Ebates turns around and offers those savings to you. It’s simple and hassle-free!

How Much Can I Save?

The amount you save using Ebates is really up to you. With up to 25% Cash Back on online purchases, if you choose to purchase your large items through the Ebates website or app, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars a year. For example, Cam Secore, a web marketer, earned a whopping $822.68 in one year by making all of his web hosting account purchases through Ebates. The important thing to remember is, whether you’re purchasing everyday items from Walmart or large electronic purchases from Best Buy, the savings rack up with little effort on your part. With a Better Business Bureau rating of A+ and easy saving potential, why not give it a try?




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