EarningStation Reviews, Rewards, and Earning Cash with Paid Surveys

How to Earn Freebies, Passive Income, & Gift Cards from EarningStation





Most of us are looking for fun and easy ways to earn a little extra cash. Whether it’s to take care of our families or our own basic needs, or simply to have a little spending money on the side, there are just a handful of good websites out there that anyone can use to reach their side-income goals. EarningStation is one of them. It is free and easy for anyone to join and begin earning immediately. This guide will walk you through all the ins and outs of the platform, introducing you to what’s possible and helping you to navigate the best experience as you use this savings and earnings tool.

What exactly is EarningStation?  (SIGNUP HERE)

Earning Station is one of just a handful of sites that offer a plethora of ways to earn a little extra money online by participating in activities that help research marketers find the answers they need to improve their products and services. Put simply, the site explains that it is owned by massfinity, an online marketing company that works to make it easy for advertisers, publishers and consumers to connect with high quality offers. It has a super-easy navigation and a plethora of ways to earn StationDollars (SDs), which can then be redeemed for gift cards to your favorite retailers, including BestBuy, Amazon, Chili’s, Babies R Us, Macy’s, Starbucks and many, many more. Ways to earn include taking surveys, watching online videos, taking advantage of great offers, redeeming coupons, searching for codes to redeem and more.

How do I get started on EarningStation?

Getting started on EarningStation couldn’t be any easier and, best of all, registration is free. Begin by heading over to the EarningStation website. Here you will be asked for your email address and to create and confirm a password.

From there, you will be asked a few questions about you. Now, it’s important you answer these questions as accurately as you can because the accuracy of your answers will determine how successful you are at earning on the site. This is because the site matches you with offers, surveys and the like that you qualify for based on what best matches your answers. If you don’t answer these questions accurately, you’ll likely end up with a lot of surveys and the like that you don’t qualify to take advantage of, meaning you can’t earn by participating in these activities. Once you’ve set up your profile, from there, you can begin participating in activities that will earn you StationDollars. These can then be redeemed for gift cards.

How do I earn on EarningStation?

  • Offers

The offers page is a great place to score lots of freebies and great deals, all while earning StationDollars that can then be redeemed for gift cards. For example, today, under the “Express Deals” tab, there are deals to save up to 80% on magazine subscriptions (these are great for gifts!), to take surveys to earn StationDollars, to enter a sweepstake to earn a year’s worth of diapers, and many, many other offers. Then, underneath each deal, it tells you how many StationDollars you will receive by redeeming the offer.


Clearly, there’s some potential to earn some serious StationDollars here!

  • Surveys

Now, to begin earning through surveys, you actually have to participate in one initial survey that will then determine which other surveys you qualify for. To begin, log in and click on your survey tab along the top of your screen.



Once you’ve clicked on the tab, you will be directed to a page with a list of surveys. But, you will only be able to clearly see one survey at the top of the list, while all other surveys are faded out. You have to take this initial survey to unlock all the rest. The survey is easy to take and just asks you some general questions about you. It is important here, too, that you answer the survey questions as accurately as you can. If you do not, when your other surveys are finally unlocked, you may find that you aren’t qualified to take many of them. Being unqualified to take the surveys you’re offered will make it harder for you to earn on the site because you can’t earn StationDollars through them.

Now, once you’ve unlocked your other surveys, you can go down the list to determine which ones will be the most lucrative for your time. Next to each survey, it tells you how many StationDollars (SDs) you will get and how long the survey will likely take. For example, if you take the first survey on the following list, you can earn 500 StationDollars (that’s $5!) for ten minutes of your time.

Bonus tip: Make sure you enable pop-ups on your browser. You will need to do so to be able to access the surveys you click on.


  • Videos

Under your EarningStation video tab, choose “videos” to access thousands of videos you can view for rewards. You can watch videos on entertainment, sports, food and dozens of more topics. As you watch, at the top of your screen, you will see a bar that allows you to gauge how many more videos you need to watch to earn SDs.


It takes viewing approximately 10 videos to earn StationDollars. But, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Some of the videos are under a minute and the majority are under 3 minutes. So, you can rack up StationDollars in no time with this option. And, while you’re at it, you can catch up on some of your favorite topics.

  • Coupons

Coupons are another great way to not only save at the cash register but to earn SDs you can redeem for free stuff at your favorite retailers! Hundreds of manufacturer coupons are available daily on grocery items, household cleaning products, personal care products, pet products and even baby supplies. Regardless of your regular shopping habits, there are coupons available here for you to save. And, when you redeem your coupons at the retailer of your choice, you then receive SDs for doing so.

To begin, simply click on the “coupons” tab of your EarningStation home page. Then, browse coupons and click on the ones you wish to redeem.6


Then, once you’ve chosen all the coupons you will use, print them out, cut them out and take them to the store to redeem. Once redeemed, you will be rewarded with SDs.


  • Invite your Friends

The “Invite Friends” earning option is perhaps the best feature of the whole platform. This is because you can use this little tab to create passive income for yourself. When you invite friends to join the platform, you then earn 10%-worth of all the SD rewards they earn for life! So, essentially, you continually earn SDs that you can then redeem for gift cards to your favorite retailer through no effort on your part. And, the platform allows you to not only send e-mail invites to your contacts but to publish your invite link on your social media pages. Anyone who takes advantage of it will be another “referral” who will contribute to your passive income as they earn. Lastly, you can even track your earnings from your referrals by clicking on “Referrals” under your “Social” tab.

  • Codes

Earning Station codes are another easy way to earn SDs. Simply follow EarningStation on their Facebook and Twitter pages (links provided below) and check your email daily. As you do, keep your eye out for free bonus codes like the following one found on the EarningStation Facebook page.8

Once you’ve found a code, copy it and head over to your EarningStation account and redeem the codes for SDs by pasting them into the “Bonus Codes” box (usually at the bottom left hand corner of your My Offers screen). SDs will automatically be accredited to your account.


To follow EarningStation on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, click on the following links:

EarningStation Facebook

Earning Station Twitter

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to keep your eye out for other earning opportunities as you follow EarningStation on Facebook and Twitter. You can answer questions and more for a chance to win StationDollars simply by keeping track of EarningStation’s daily social media updates.

  • My Offers

For quick wins, sign into your EarningStation account. You will automatically be directed to your My Offers homepage, which offers a conglomeration of activities you can complete on a daily basis in exchange for SDs. This is a page catered to you, offering you one question polls, daily videos, surveys and more that you’re sure to qualify for, ensuring quick wins every day. If you visit no other page on a daily basis on the platform, make sure you visit this one and complete the tasks for a consistently easy earning experience.

How much can I earn on EarningStation?

100 StationDollars (SDs) are redeemable for US $1. And, given that many surveys offer as much as 500 SDs as your participation reward, these add up quickly. Once you’ve earned as little as 1,000 SDs, you can then redeem them for gift cards in increments of $10 (1,000 SDs) and $25 (2,500 SDs). If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to watch videos, etc., for quick wins, complete your to-do list located on your My Offers page on a daily basis and invite others to join to enjoy some passive income from the platform.

Also, keep these things in mind: StationDollars are accrued automatically once you’ve completed earning activities. For most offers, you will see these earnings show up in your account within 48 hours of having completed the earning activity. Be sure to check the requirements of the offer for details on when you will be accredited your rewards.

Final Thoughts

EarningStation offers a big enough variety of earning activities that there’s something there for everyone. And, it allows you to set up a little passive income system to earn money even when you can’t be as active on the site as you’d like to be. Though, for most, it doesn’t earn you an entire income, it certainly is a great resource to turn to for extra spending money, some great freebies or unbelievable deals, and even affordable gifts for others. Not only can you find great deals on products through EarningStation’s offers and coupons, but you can also earn gift cards that are sure to suit anyone’s taste.


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