Earn and Save with InboxDollars – Inbox Dollar Review (Legit or Scam)

The Frugal Minded’s Beginner’s Guide to Earn and Save with InboxDollars  – Earn Cash for Emails, Surveys, Games and More!   Earn $5 Automatically for Signing Up



InboxDollars is a great program to turn to if you’re looking to make a little extra cash on the side. How does the site work? Advertisers hire InboxDollars to promote their products and services or to do market research for them. In return, InboxDollars passes on a portion of the profits to its US & UK members. Its total cash paid to members surpassed a whopping $35 million in 2014! And, the company offers its members peace of mind through its membership and good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

What Exactly is InboxDollars?

InboxDollars is an online program that allows you to take advantage of offers, play games, participate in surveys, shop, read emails, search and more to earn cash. You can even earn some ongoing passive income by referring others to the platform. And, it is free to sign up. In fact, you’ll even receive a $5.00 bonus for doing so.

Once you’ve earned as little as $30 on the site, you can redeem your InboxDollars for gift cards to the retailers of your preference. Participating retailers include Amazon, American Eagle Outfitters, Barns & Noble, Overstock.com, Best Buy, Bass Pro Shops and so many more. The list is endless and varied enough to appeal to any tastes.



How do I Sign up For InboxDollars?

Signing up for InboxDollars is not only easy and painless, but you will even get a $5 bonus for doing so. To begin, head over to the InboxDollars website. Click on the purple “Free! Join Today” button.

Then, fill out the form. It will ask you for your email address, your zip code (to match you with offers and surveys), and your country. It will also ask you to create a password for your account.3

Lastly, you must be an “active member” to begin earning. You will find the following box on the right hand side of your logged-in home screen. Click on the “do” button next to “Activate Your Account” to become an active member.


When you do this, InboxDollars will send you an email for you to confirm your email address.


All you have to do is open the email and select “Activate” and you will be credited with your $5.00 bonus!

How Can I Earn Using InboxDollars?

  1. Take Surveys

Taking surveys is an easy way to earn on InboxDollars because you simply have to answer the questions asked as accurately as possible. These questions are posed by marketers who want to hear your opinions so they can cater their products and services to people like you. And, by answering each survey accurately, you put yourself in the running to qualify for more surveys that fit your demographic so you can earn more. So, it’s important to take the time to think through the questions and answer them accurately and honestly.

On the contrary, the InboxDollars website warns that providing dishonest answers or simply clicking through the surveys as fast as you can to get your earnings will affect your ability to earn in future opportunities on InboxDollars. This is because the site matches you with surveys that you qualify to take based on your previous answers.

To get started, you must first take the “qualification survey” listed under your Surveys tab.


It should only take you a short 5 minutes to complete but will allow InboxDollars to offer you surveys you qualify to take for earnings in the future. Again, in order to qualify to take future surveys, you must answer the questions as accurately and honestly as you can. Once completed, it will take you back to your list of surveys where you will be presented with a handful of survey opportunities per day. Each survey will tell you exactly what you can earn by taking it.


  1. WinIts

WinIts are codes in the form of letters and numbers that you can enter into the InboxDollars WinIt box as an entry to win prizes. Each WinIt code will specify exactly what you are entering the contest to win. To find them, you must join InboxDollars’ social media pages. Then, look for the #WinIt hashtag and locate the code below.



WinIt codes can be found on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram by joining and following InboxDollars on social media with these links:

In addition, you can occasionally find WinIt codes on InboxDollars blog posts. To find this earning option, click the “more” button along the top of your homepage and select “WinIt” from the dropdown box. Then, copy your WinIt code and paste it into the box. Lastly, press redeem.


Next, check your email (along the top of your page) to see what and if you won. It only takes seconds to enter to win prizes but these few seconds could score you big wins.

  1. Watching Video Ads

Watching videos is a fun way to earn cash on the InBoxDollar website. Each video will tell you exactly how much you will earn for each view directly below the video listing. You may also be asked to interact with the video for more earning potential. You can earn by catching up on the latest news, celebrity doings, workout videos and more. For each video, you have the potential to earn up to a $1 a day, meaning that you can earn several dollars a day by watching videos if you engage with all the video earning opportunities offered to you on a daily basis.

  1. Redeeming Coupons

InboxDollars also offers you coupons to save on the items you normally buy. Then, as you redeem them, you can earn cash. Here’s how it works. You must first click on your “Deals” tab along the top of your InboxDollars logged-in homepage.  Then, select the savings channel you’re interested in using: Groupons, Coupons.com or InboxDollars Shopping.


You can take advantage of the latest Groupon deals, print out coupons from Coupons.com or shop online for cash back using the InboxDollars Shopping option. Any coupons that you redeem at local retailers by clicking on Coupons.com under your Deals tab will be sent back to the manufacturer, where they will be notified of their usage from InboxDollars.com. They will then credit your earnings to your account. When saving under your “Deals” tab, you will receive $1.00 in credits within 12 weeks of redemption for every 10 coupons you use. So, you earn while you save. It’s that easy!

  1. Playing Online Games

Playing games is perhaps the most entertaining way to earn on the Inbox Dollars website. And, it’s easy to do. First, click on the “Games” tab along the top of your logged-in screen. Then choose the type of games you would like to play. Your best bet is to join the GNS Games website through InboxDollars by clicking on the Play Casino Games button as depicted below.


Once you’ve joined the website, you will earn cash back rewards. To do so, you would deposit real money into your InboxDollars Cash Games Account just like you would do on any other gaming site. Then, for each dollar you spend from your GSN account balance, you will receive between 1% and 4% cash back.

Just keep in mind, though, that in order to qualify to earn through your InboxDollars Account, you must be a new player that has opened an account through your InboxDollars membership as described above. That is, only first time GSN Games members can earn through InboxDollars.

  1. Searching the Web

Searching the web has to be the easiest way to earn through Inbox Dollars because you earn for activities you already perform. To get started, it’s best to just make InboxDollars Search your default or homepage browser. That way, you don’t have to go to a particular website every time you make a search and the earnings will be automatic.

And, it’s easy enough to set up. Here’s how:

  • Open a new browser and click the menu bar along the top of your browser.
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Scroll down until you see the “On Startup” options section.
  • Click “Set Pages.”
  • In the box provided, type in the InboxDollars Search URL: inboxdollars.com/search#.
  • Select “Done.”

Once this is complete, every time you open your browser, you will automatically be directed to this search engine and you can begin earning from there as you search the web like you normally would.

  1. Shopping Online

On the InboxDollars shopping channel, you can enjoy cash back from your favorite retailers on everyday purchases. Simply visit the InboxDollars Shopping channel before you decide to shop online to see which retailers are featured for cash-back deals. Participating retailers include Urban Outfitters, Express, Petsmart, Best Western Hotel, Sears, Macy’s, Avon, Walmart, The Disney Store and many, many more. Once you’ve found the retailer of your choice, click on the “continue” link to begin shopping. Once you’ve made a purchase, your cashback percentage will be credited to your account. Cashback percentages range from an average of 1.5% – 4% cashback.

  1. Confirm Viewing of PaidEmails

As a member of InboxDollar, your email account is another great earning resource. When you receive your confirmation email, you will begin receiving up to 4 PaidEmails a day based on your activity in the program. And, don’t worry about getting stuck with a lot of emails. InboxDollars sticks to a limit of 4 or less emails a day and you will be offered the opportunity to cancel future emails in each and every PaidEmail. Suffice to say, you’ve got nothing to lose with this earning option.



If you’re not as active in the program, you won’t receive as many PaidEmails opportunities. Most of these emails will offer you an opportunity to earn simply by reading the email and confirming that you’ve opened it. You may also be offered additional ways to earn within the email—such as taking advantage of an offer or service—but this is not a requirement to earn. Earning potential from these offers will vary depending on the offer.

  1. Refer a Friend.

One of the best features of this program is the ability to earn some passive income. And, it’s easy to set up. You simply have to refer a friend to the site. When someone takes advantage of that invitation, you begin earning 10% worth of all that they earn through the site. And, the great part is, your referrals don’t sacrifice anything to take advantage of your invitation because they will still receive 100% of their earnings.

The process is quite simple. First, click on the “Refer a Friend” tab along the top of your logged-in screen. The following form will be provided.


As you can see, inviting a friend and, thereby, setting up passive income, is as simple as typing in the name and email of someone you believe will be interested in earning on InboxDollars.

And, to make it even easier to earn more passive income, you can also post your referral link on your social media pages to invite friends in bulk. The more people who use your link to sign up for InboxDollars, the better. When you click on your “Refer a Friend” tab, it will take you to the above form. Directly below that, it will also offer you a referral link you can post on your social media pages. Just copy it and paste it on your social media status to begin collecting referrals that will provide long-term passive income.


Final Thoughts

Given its good standing with the Better Business Bureau, its recognition as an Inc. 5000 company and its plethora of earning options, InboxDollars is a great option for earning a little extra cash with online activities. We’ve enjoyed the earning potential on the platform and we hope you will, too!



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