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Most people think that a sweepstakes is a sweepstakes.  Let me explain.  There are so many types of different giveaway we have to break these down into a number of categories such as Instant win games, Blog Giveaways, Instagram Sweepstakes.

So many different platforms and so many ways to run sweepstakes.  We do our best to show you the ropes and break it down for you below.

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Blog Giveaways

Usually Blog owners that are giving away prizes to help drive traffic to their blog.  Easier to win based on the popularity of the blog and the amount of prizes.

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Vote to Win Contests

Vote to win is exactly that.  You are required to Vote on whatever the sponsor wants you to vote on as that will act as your application.

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Facebook Sweepstakes

Many people already are familiar with Facebook sweepstakes as this has become a favorite platform for merchants to giveaway their goods.

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Game Codes & Trivia

Game Codes and Trivia answer are always fun to play and keep you engaged and active with a variety of ways to win prizes daily.

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Instant Win Games

Instant win games are for those of us that just can’t wait to see if you win.  Instant Gratification Giveaways…find out right now if you have won.

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Instagram Contests

This is a visual platform so you are likely to get some really fun and visually appealing prizes.

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In Store Giveaways

We will let you know about the stores or companies that are having instore giveaway and promotions.

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Mail In Giveaways

The old school way to enter a giveaway.  Better chance to win something in this type of giveaway since not that many people like to fill out information manually and mail it anymore.

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Pinterest Sweepstakes

Pinterest Sweepstakes!  Some great products will be had and won on the Pinterest Platform.   Lots of great products…mostly for women.

Pinterest Sweepstakes

Text to Win

With all this technology we now have an even easier way to play sweepstakes.   Simply using the mobile you text in a code and you see if you win.  Easy as pie!

Text to Win Sweepstakes

Twitter Sweepstakes

Twitter Giveaways!  Light speed giveaways that are easy to enter and usually only take a retweet.

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