8 Ways to Motivate Yourself


Are you having a tough time motivating yourself?  Are you so busy taking care of family and friends that you barely find time for yourself?  It’s time to make some necessary changes.   Some women are so busy doing for others that they forget to take care of themselves.  Do not spend another minute neglecting yourself.  When you neglect yourself, you are never able to let your true self shine through.  Stop putting everything off to the next week.  Start motivating yourself and shoot for the stars.  If you have wanted to lose weight for the past few year, start with a walk today.  If you want to start a personal business, start mailing out proposals to banks and other financial resources.  If you want to write a book, then start by writing the title page with a synopsis.  Learning to motivate yourself is mostly contributed by taking one small step to the next small step.

Take an Inventory:  Look at all the aspects of yourself such as emotional, physical, spiritual, employment, and medical.  List what you are lacking or things you would like to change in each category.  Start with one thing such as weight loss.  Ask yourself what is one thing I can start doing differently.  The answer could be to start seeing a nutritionist or join a gym.  If you have wanted to search for a new job, then send out a few applications.  Taking the initiative to change will cause the karmic effect and you will reap the benefits.  Taking an inventory helps you to put your life into a whole view, but when tackling changes, make sure to take small steps at first.

Self-care: Incorporating ways to make yourself feel good can help you in the search of putting yourself first.  And, putting yourself first helps motivate you to being a better you.  Doing small things such as allowing yourself to buy a new outfit or get a pedicure once a month.  If you are really struggling with incorporating self-care techniques, then talking with a counselor may help you put things into a broader perspective.  Sometimes it is good to have an accountability partner.  You will feel more relaxed and ready to tackle anything that comes your way.  I enjoy going to Zumba with my friends every Monday and then to the movies on Fridays.  It helps both myself and my friend who is a teacher and constantly takes care of children.  When I do small things by taking care of myself, it makes me want to do the things I love and do more for myself.

Passions: What are you passionate about?  What motivates you to get up each day?  What do you think about most when your mind starts to wonder?  Do you love to paint, sew, cook, clean, or even write?  Start finding ways to turn your passions into your creative outlet or even a job possibility.  Recently, one of my friends started a greeting card making business.  She makes some of the most beautiful cards.  She learned how to upload them to a website and has even started receiving revenue.  I love that she self-taught herself by just doing a little bit of research online and trial and error.  I am so proud that she had the strength to follow her dream and now she is seeing the fruits of her labor.  What are you truly passionate about?

Love yourself:  This seems to be the hardest, yet most simple attribute to attain.  When you love yourself, you are your best self.  Love can motivate you to do things you normally wouldn’t.  Just ask the sixteen years old who experienced her first kiss; her world is limitless.  Some people may not have gotten the love they deserved while growing up; therefore, present relationships can start to take its toll when things like love are missing.  Love being the strongest.  You can say daily affirmations or look yourself in the mirror each day and say “I love you.”  You can even journal about yourself – writing love letters to yourself.  Start to list negative and positive things about yourself, and then throw the negative list away.  Just strictly focus on the positive list.  Those around you probably see the positive qualities in yourself more than you think.  So ask your loved ones to help you on your self-love journey.

Stay positive:  We all face those days where we face hardships.  My mother passed away when I was really young and I have a hard time the month of August because she died the first week in September.  During this month, I just struggle with being my usual happy and positive self.  So as a counselor, I am not really productive in motivating my clients to do things, if I cannot be happy myself.  I have learned that whenever I am down, I need to focus all my energy on staying positive.  I plan more activities with friends to keep my mind off things. I read more uplifting books and keep positive quotes close by so I can reinforce good vibes in my head.

Join social groups:  If you want to write a book, then join a book club or a writing group to keep your mind fresh and focused.  I think joining social groups are awesome and give you a feeling of belonging.  Sometimes I feel like the “Misfit Toys” from the “Rudolph the Reindeer TV Special.”  But when you join a group of similar people, you soon find out that we are all more similar than different.  If you enjoy sewing, then join a class at your local fabric store.  If you see that there are not many groups in your town, then get motivated to start your very own.  I started a women’s group when I first moved to California, and the first week was very small with only four women; within a few months the group had grown to ten women and it exceeded all my expectations.

Develop an aspiration board:  I loved the movie The Secret because it really motivates you to go after what you want.  One of the most creative ideas I loved was constructing an aspiration board.  It is important to control your thoughts and to make sure they are focused on what you most desire.  You can get an old cardboard and start pinning random stuff.  If you want to become a writer, start pinning some of your favorite quotes.  Then start pinning some of your writing ideas and go for it.  Taking risks and chances are necessary for anyone who wants to achieve great things in life.  I know when I made the decision to finally become a writer.  I took every idea that popped in my head and I started writing it down.  Eventually I started stringing these ideas together and since have started creating articles and working on books.

Setting small goals:  As you attain smaller goals, you will be inspired to continue to make the same progress.  I earlier discussed the importance of setting small goals because I think most people get really stuck focusing on the bigger picture instead of the smaller.  What can you accomplish today, tomorrow, in a week, or in a month?  You can accomplish so much and when the smaller steps start adding up, you will look back and wonder where the time has gone.  Stay focused and never give up on your dreams because they will never give up on you.


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