5 Tips to Reduce your Electricity Bill

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5 Tips to Reduce your Electricity Bill

Energy is one thing whose bill makes you cringe each time you receive it at the end of the month. Luckily there are several tips you can follow to reduce your electricity bill. These acts won’t result in sudden changes on a monthly basis but at the end of the year, you will have accomplished a significant accumulative change. Following are some of the easiest ways that can be adopted by women who wish to bring about a reduction in their expenses and save money.

Power Saving Lights

When we talk about going green, a complete makeover of your house isn’t immediately required and you don’t have to replace all old electric appliances with new ones. Instead, the proposal is to keep an eye on energy efficient appliances when you do go shopping. There are energy labels on items that indicate the efficiency with which they use electricity to produce a certain output.[ws_ads_post position=”right”]

One item that you should actively replace without waiting for it to stop working is lights. Tube lights and bulbs consume significant levels of energy while their energy-efficient counterpart fluorescent bulbs do not.


Dishwashing indeed saves a lot of time. It is a lifesaver for working women who just can’t afford to tire themselves further by washing dishes. However, if you are looking forward to saving money, you can avoid putting in large utensils because they consume a lot of electricity. Another trick is to soak dishes in water as soon as you get done using them. That will prevent the stains from becoming tougher and will require lesser energy to clean.


Make sure that heating and cooling machines in your house are free of dust and other dirt particles. Dirt overall makes it more difficult for machines to heat or cool the environment. There are two things you can do to clean these appliances. Firstly, try to place your fridge in a relatively closed environment and not close to a window or some other outlet. Secondly, periodically clean the coils and other parts at the back of your fridge. This will lessen the pressure upon the compressor and will reduce its electricity consumption.

As far as heating and cooling systems are concerned, the money you save by having them cleaned is significant. Hence, it is preferable that the job is done by a professional.

Seal up the House

Another reason for extra energy consumption is the little cracks in different parts of the house such as the doors and windows. During summer, hot air seeps into your house through these cracks. This makes your air conditioner have to cool extra air. A survey shows that filling these cracks up by weather stripping seals and caulk resulted in a reduction of electricity bills by up to 30%.

Unplug Little Devices

Yet another small yet smart way of saving money is to unplug little electronic items such as phone chargers, battery chargers, shavers, etc. when not in use. Also, putting your PC/ laptop on standby when it’s not in use makes considerable difference.

While these tips may not bring about major changes in your monthly bill, they will certain result in a decline in cumulative electricity bill at the end of the year that will put a smile on your lips. In addition to reducing your bill, cutting down on your electricity consumption will also help you become a more responsible because reduced carbon footprints.

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