4 Can’t Miss Coupon Spots for Savers

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One of the best ways of saving money is by clipping coupons. There is no shame in it. In fact, even famous people such as Hilary Swank have proudly declared to indulge in this activity. There are two places you can get coupons from – publications and the internet. Yes, you can get coupons either from publications you may have subscribed to such as newspapers, magazines, etc or from the internet. But the internet is so vast that searching for authentic coupon giving websites can make you get lost. So here’s a list that we’ve compiled for those who live a frugal lifestyle.


Groupon is first company that came up with the idea of offering discount coupons on the web. It has consistently delivered value to its subscribers. It has delighted them so much that even after the sprouting of hundreds of online coupon websites on the internet after its inception, it remains the industry leader. GroupOn focuses on groups that plan to buy similar products/services together. Hence, GroupOn helps and your friends enjoy each other’s company while enjoying good value for a low price. It can’t get better than this, can it?


Living social is the personalized version of GroupOn. While GroupOn requires coupons to be bought in threes and fours, Living Social lets you buy single coupons. This means that you can buy whatever you want without depending on anyone else. Another exciting feature is that if you send the referral link of a coupon to your friends and three of them purchase it, you get your coupon for free! Hence, Living Social makes it easier for those living in big cities to stick with their budgets without compromising on their social lives.


Another website that offers timely coupons is Coupon.com. The offers you get here are as close as they can get to the coupons you earlier would clip from newspapers and magazines. The site’s layout is simple and can be used by just any one. All customers have to do is print out the discount coupon and redeem it at the relevant outlet. However, before printing the coupon, you will have to make sure that the outlet’s branch in your area accepts online coupons or not becomes sometimes they don’t.


RetailMeNot.com is more of a community than platforms where users post online discount coupons they discover online. These posts are then commented upon by users who try these online discount coupons. Hence, if the link to a coupon is broken, the coupon is expired or the outlet refuses issuing the coupon at all, information can be confirmed by those who tried using it. Subscribers are notified through email whenever new coupons are posted by users. Information about what the coupon offers is also contained in the email. Hence, subscribers can simply dismiss offers they are not interested in without going to an external site.

So if you are into living a frugal lifestyle, make sure that you subscribe to not just these websites but to others too that you may eventually discover.

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